What We Do

Frontier Solutions is an immigration law firm and we help our clients grow their businesses, handle crises and manage risk.


Frontier Solutions works with businesses to discreetly conduct internal investigations into allegations or suspicions of misconduct, of potential legal or regulatory risk, and in support of potential or on-going litigation. 

Immigration and Visa Programs

As the business community becomes more globalized, companies must compete on the international stage for the best and brightest workforce from around the world. Frontier Solutions provides strategic advice and counsel on immigration compliance and visa programs for companies, individuals and schools.


Our team of former law enforcement executives and regulators provides companies and individuals comprehensive and valuable insight regarding legal, regulatory, and reputational risks, helping build strong, resilient programs and systems.

Crisis Management

Our team’s private and public sector experience has informed our belief that an effective strategy in times of crisis includes not only identifying and fixing underlying programmatic problems, but also considering communication with regulators, shareholders, and the general public.


Due Diligence

We help clients make smartbusiness decisions through due diligence investigations that mitigate risk. This includes initial fact finding to identify areas of existing risk as well as ongoing due diligence monitoring to ensure policies and procedures mitigate risk adequately.