Our team of former prosecutors, law enforcement executives and regulators provides companies and individuals comprehensive and valuable insight regarding legal or regulatory risk, helping build strong, resilient programs and systems.


Financial Regulatory

In recent years, the federal government has put U.S. and international financial services institutions on notice that they must ensure the efficacy of their anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (TF) programs.

Frontier personnel use their expertise on the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), USA PATRIOT Act, as well as the rules and regulations of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to help our clients not only investigate and analyze vulnerabilities, but also to develop robust compliance and “Know Your Customer” programs that address operational and regulatory risks. We have the know-how and skills to bring the latest technology to bear, as well as advise on sensitive information sharing and communication with government regulators.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Department of Justice has increased enforcement and prosecution of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) which prohibits U.S. nationals, incorporated entities, and their agents from giving money or anything of value to a foreign official to obtain or retain business. The risk to U.S. companies is significant if they do not have precautions in place to ensure their relationships abroad are with “reputable and qualified partners and representatives.”

We help our clients ensure compliance with the FCPA, helping corporations, its senior executives, and employees deal only with entities and individuals that are reputable and vetted. We assist companies by auditing existing programs, identifying gaps, and implementing effective programs. By leveraging our network of partners, cultivated through years of international law enforcement cooperation in all parts of the world, we get ground truth on allegations, strengthening both programs and litigation positions.

Visa Programs

As the business community becomes more globalized, companies must compete on the international stage for the best and brightest workforce from around the world. Frontier Solutions provides strategic advice and counsel on immigration compliance and visa programs for companies, individuals and schools.

We also work with a wide range of individuals and companies building strong cases to resolve issues related to visa denials, inadmissibility under the Visa Waiver Program or adjustment of status.


Our immigration related work spans employment eligibility compliance to EB5 programs. We work closely with our clients and their legal teams to review current immigration compliance programs to develop proactive solutions to mitigate the risk of civil and criminal penalties when responding to government inquiries and to implement effective policies to ensure future compliance.  We have also worked with EB5 regional centers across the country, assisting in all facets from application to worldwide source-of-funds investigations to administration.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Our team brings a wealth of experience in the intellectual property rights arena from conducting IPR investigations as investigators, interdicting counterfeit goods as Customs Officers, and managing nationwide and international IPR interdiction operations and investigations. We also have experience conducting outreach with international law enforcement partners, rights holders and industry groups regarding the exchange of information, investigative leads, technological advances and best practices for combating IP theft.

Export Compliance

Our team utilizes their investigative techniques and experience gained through years of field work to help our clients navigate the extremely challenging landscape of federal export laws and regulations.  We work with our clients to better identify, analyze and enact appropriate courses of action when compliance issues are uncovered or when advised that they are being investigated by government agencies.  Our trade compliance program assessments can also support any corrective action required to meet government export regulations. We also develop and conduct training to help employees implement compliance policies and work instructions pertinent to a company’s specific business model.